Sunday, 22 January 2012

Uncle Brian's photos

1940 George Street Sydney1944 Inscription in Bible1943 Inscription in BibleAbt. 1920 Edith Cameron & baby James1918 Edith and Harold CameronEdith Cameron
1924 James & Brian Cameron, AllisonEdith Cameron (nee Wadley)Edith Cameron & sonCameron Family1938 Edith & Harold Cameron, Alice & Neilimg126
1942 Brian Cameron & Edith CameronOct 1942 Hilda & Bert Wakelin Wedding1940 Looking pretty grim!Notes on back of previous photos!1942 Groomsman1928 Lindfield Public School
1929 Brian (Leura)Abt. 1930 Wadley side of FamilyBrianDad relaxing1945 Edith Cameron1942 James, Edith & Harold Cameron
Uncle Brian's photos, a set on Flickr.

Half the fun of playing in the past is actually seeing it!

Putting faces to names brings life to what can otherwise be quite dry research and makes it easy to remember whose past you're actually looking into. Not to mention the joy of finding familiar features in family members a long time gone.

Today I began what will no doubt be a continuing project of digitising the Family Archives, starting with photos kept by Uncle Brian, Pa's younger brother. The younger of Cam's Fam may not remember Uncle Brian so I might ask the older ones to put their thoughts down on paper so I can dedicate a whole post to his life?

I have very fond memories of Uncle Brian but I think it's fair to say I didn't know him very well. I feel though I have a better understanding of him by looking at the photos he retained. They can be sorted into two broad categories: family photos (including photos taken by his father during WWI) which I can only presume were quite dear to him and a physical memento of what I hope were happy memories and important people, and war photos from his time serving in the Army during World War II in Darwin and the Ambon Islands.

Thankfully Uncle Brian was quite organised and jotted notes on the back of many of the photos. It has helped immeasurably with putting those faces to now familiar names!

There is a slide show to the right of this post that should, if I've set it up correctly, scroll through a number of Uncle Brian's photos. If you don't have the patience to watch them all, or would like more detail please click on the photos above or CLICK HERE.

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