Saturday, 5 January 2013

V is for Violet

The photo above is my absolute favourite photo from all the hundreds I have scanned for the family archives.

The little girl circled in red is Didi's mum Violet Jowett. Violet was born on 28 December in 1895 to Albert and Eliza (nee Frost) in Waterloo, Sydney. Albert and Eliza both made the long trip to Australia from Yorkshire in about 1885, separately, and married in Sydney a couple of years later.

Violet was the second youngest of the six Jowetts, the eldest of whom sadly died in infancy. It appears after Violet's birth the family moved from the inner city area of Redfern / Waterloo to Hurstville. I don't know too much of what the family was up to at this time. Albert was a house painter / contractor so that probably kept him pretty busy. The only thing I have been able to find out is that he may have been kicked by a pony at a party in 1904. Ouch.

At some point Violet moved to Roseville as she was living there, working as an accountant, when she met Stanley Clark (who many of we younger Camerons know as Big Pa). They married in 1921 and as Big Pa was a farmer, Violet followed him to his property in Ando called Stoneleigh. Didi was born a few years later and Hilary some years after that. In 1958, Violet died too young, aged only 63.

It's in the Hurstville area that I believe the below photo was taken in 1900. The Jowett family lived on Lily Street for some years. Didi notes on the back that this was taken "at a celebration pageant to welcome the new century 1900."

What I would love to know is if anyone out there knows anything more about this photograph? Do you recognise any relatives? Know exactly where it was taken?

Any feedback very much welcome!

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