Thursday, 12 April 2012

J is for James

J is for James. As in the name meaning 'supplanting' or 'seizing by the heel' in Hebrew (originating from something biblical). As in the 16th most popular baby name for boys in Australia in 2010. As in the name shared by my brother, my grandfather, my great great grandfather, my third great grand uncle, my fourth great grand uncle...

Cam's Fam is pretty traditional in the naming game. Not only do we have Alexanders populating the tree in every generation but also James. There are Jameses in every generation, sometimes two, and in each different branch of the tree. It makes researching challenging and reinforces the need to have at least two sources for each 'event' that you're claiming as fact. Even more complicating is that James is a popular name generally and then add a little more confusion with a common surname like Cameron!

Just some of the 26 Jameses that I have in our family tree are as follows (yes - twenty-six, including blood and marriage connections) :

1. My brother James

2. James Murdoch Cameron (aka Cam, Jim or Pa)

3. James Alexander Cameron born 1864 (Pa's grandfather and Robert's eldest son)

4. James Cameron born 1833 (our Robert's brother)

5. James Cameron born 1856 (Robert's nephew, son of his brother Alexander)

6. James Cameron born 1787 (Robert's uncle, brother to his father Alexander)

7. James Murdoch born abt. 1790 (Robert's father-in-law, Betsy's dad)

8. James Moir born abt. 1787 (husband of Jean Cramond, sister of Robert's mum and so his uncle)

9. James Sim born 1769 (Betsy's grandfather)

10. James Badenoch born before 1740 sometime (Betsy's great grandfather and so my 4th great grandfather)

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