Monday, 23 April 2012

N is National Archives

Both Australia, England and Scotland have National Archives. Mahoosive great buildings that store thousands upon millions of documents/records pertaining to the Nation's past. We are so lucky that so many of these documents are being digitised - it's a slow, expensive project but it has already made my job easier. The National Archives of Australia (NAA) has a searchable online database, through which I have found and ordered (for a sum) records relating to the family.

What I have found, though, that are fantastic are podcasts on iTunes created and published by the National Archives of the United Kingdom. Each podcast provides background to topics are varied as "Anxiety, Dread and Disease: British Ports 1834 - 1870", "When a Woman is not a Woman" (something to do with pensions?) and Nineteen Century merchant seafarers and their records". 

Free for all, I strongly recommend checking them out:

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