Sunday, 12 February 2012

Let me introduce you...

You'll see the tab above is now UPDATED! I have finally been able to work out the technology to put 5 generations of Cam's Fam on the one, mostly readable, image. 

This means there are a few more people for you to meet. 

Having introduced you to the newest member of the family (the gorgeous Lily), let me introduce you to the oldest being my (and yours too, cousins) 5th Great Grandfather Alexander Cameron (DOB unknown). 

He married Margaret Grant (born about. 1761) in Speymouth, Morayshire on 29 January 1785.  

They had 6 children:
John Cameron (born 1 Apr 1785) - can anyone say "Shotgun wedding"?
James Cameron (born 22 Aug 1787)
Peter Cameron (born 14 Dec 1789)
Alexander Cameron (born 2 Apr 1793) - remember him, folks. He's important! 
William Cameron (born 1 Mar 1797)
Jean Cameron (born 3 nov 1799)

Of these six kids, the one named after his father is the most important one for our purposes. We've met him briefly before because he is our Robert's father. You remember Robert - he's the reason we're Aussies!

As mentioned before, I met Alexander Cameron (born 1793) (let's call him Alex) on our Robert's wedding certificate. Before this he was a stranger to us but I also met his lovely wife Janet Cramond (born 17 Jun 1800) (or Jannet Crammond as she is sometimes known) the same day and am getting to know them pretty well. I don't know exactly when they got married but I do know that it was before 15 Oct 1823. How? Their first child, a daughter Jane born on this date, is described in the Old Parish Records on her baptism as "the lawful daughter to Alexr Cameron and Janet Cramond" so it seems that they met, fell in love, married and had kids all in the right order! Sadly though, Alex died young aged 47 on 19 Apr 1840, which was just after Jessy's birth and before he had to mourn her death at such a young age. 

Beyond this though, I don't know much more. I wish I did. 

I know that both Alex and Janet lived in Garmouth.  Being the relatively small town that it is, I imagine they probably knew each other from when they were little. Alex was the same age as Janet's older sister Jean Cramond (born 30 Jun 1793) so perhaps Jean and Alex were at school together? As they got older, Janet had a crush on this older cute boy and then, one day he stopped seeing her as his friend's bratty sister and they dated and fell in love. He got down on one knee and proposed by the river, their wedding was the best day of her life and together they raised this gorgeous family which he supported as a ship carpenter until his sudden death at 47. As her beloved husband, when he died she swore she'd never love again. And didn't, remaining a widow until she died at 83. Maybe?

Or, maybe I'm getting mushy with Valentine's Day around the corner.

Anyway, after Jane was born, came another Alexander (born 15 Feb 1825) and soon thereafter our Robert on 11 Apr 1827

After Jane, Alexander and Robert were:
John Cameron (born 18 Sep 1831)
James Cameron (born 24 Oct 1833)
and little Jessy Cameron (born 11 Jan 1839) who you've also already met. 

I might stop the introductions there because there are a lot of people to remember and I don't know about you, but I'm terrible with names. It's easier when they're all the same but also easier to confuse! 

As always, more details to be added...

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