Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Love is in the air...

Harold & Edith on their wedding day
On this Valentine's Day it seems appropriate to post something love-related cos we really wouldn't be here without it! 

Below is one of a few postcards I found amongst Uncle Brian's photos that he treasured. It's written by his father, Harold Verney Cameron, to his mum, Edith Florence Wadley. It's not dated or addressed but based on similar postcards Harold wrote I believe it was written during World War I and sent to his "dearest Ede" (as he addressed her) with other letters. 

A bit of background for you (I will cover this in more detail later): Great Grandfather Harold enlisted in the army in 1915. He and great Grandmother Edith married in 1916 and shortly thereafter he was deployed to Egypt. Based on his military records he remained overseas, in various places, for the following two years and returned to Australia in June of 1918 after being discharged due to illness. Pa joined with world about 18 months later!

The post card reads:

"have my doubts but back in the game. The sooner I'm there the quicker I'll be back. 

Cheer up old darling, 

Heaps of love and kisses

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